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Make the Desktop Your
Default View in Windows 8

As any Windows 8 user knows by now, Windows 8 has a new, and quite different, Start screen.

The Windows 8 Start screen is a collection of colored tiles related to programs, apps, folders, and other areas on your computer. Like the start menu on previous Windows operating systems, the new Start screen is intended be a collection of your most-used programs and files. This is why when you first start up your Windows 8 computer, you're immediately taken to the Start screen so you can start working (or playing) quickly.

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Removing Unwanted Toolbars

Sometimes unwanted toolbars can show up at the top of our web browser. How they get there can be a mystery, perhaps you clicked “Yes” a little too quickly on a pop up message when you installed a program or visited a website. Luckily, these extra toolbars can be hidden from view or even removed completely.

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