MAC OS 8 and 9 Remote Access

  1. From the Apple Menu, go to Control Panels and select Remote Access.

  2. From there, go to the File Menu and select Configurations.

  3. If the current configuration says Default, click on Rename, if it has another ISPs name, click on Duplicate, Change the name to KCBXnet.

  4. Select KCBXnet on the list and click on Make Active. This will bring you back to the main Remote Access Control Panel.

  5. In the Name field, type in your (This is the same as your KCBXnet email address) and type in your Password.

  6. Type in your Local KCBXnet Dialup Number. Pick from: Local Dialup Numbers Lists
    (Note: You must know on which Network your account is setup. To find out, go here, sign in to your account, then click on the Packages tab, then click on "Dialup" in Subscribed Packages and "Dialup" in Package Services. Your Dialup Network will show under Account Details.

  7. Then Close this window and Save the Changes.

  8. To use the Remote Access method of connecting to the Internet either go back to this Remote Access Control Panel through the Apple Menu and click Connect or select KCBXnet in the Remote Access Control Strip and select Connect.

  9. Another way is to have the your internet applications automatically make the connection as you open them. To do this, go to the Remote Access Control Panel, click on Options..., click on the Protocol Tab and check the Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications box. Then click ok. With this method, you will still need to Disconnect manually.